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The North Penn Dragons host clinics and have teams which play in various outdoor as well as indoor leagues throughout the year; however, spring is the primary season for lacrosse. Spring practices typically begin the first weekend of March and are held both Saturdays mornings and Sunday afternoons on the turf field at Christopher Dock High School for the first four weeks.

The Mini-Guns usually begin practices the 3rd weekend in March at Christopher Dock. In April and May, our club uses multiple school district and township fields for practices twice per week (occasionally 3 times at our older and more experienced levels), and play games on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons. The "Mini-Gun" and "Young-Gun" teams practice and play their games at Squire's Field on Hancock Rd.

Currently, the SEPYLA league schedules most games on Saturday mornings, while the Both the Mini-Gun and Young-Gun (C2) games are typically held on Saturday mornings. Additionally, no games at any level are played over the Easter or the Memorial holiday weekend.


Program Description

Our goal is for athletes to have fun while learning the game of lacrosse.  Sportsmanship and teamwork is emphasized at ALL levels. Beginners are taught basic skills and a broad sense of positioning. Experienced players are taught advanced skills, tactical play, and specific positioning. Learn more about the full program.

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Grades K-2nd


An athlete’s development at this stage is the key to a successful lacrosse experience in his later years.


Players can expect to learn the basic rules of lacrosse:

  • Skills -cradling, passing, catching, dodging, and scooping up those ground balls.

  • Learn to play all positions.

  • Players will be taught to understand simple game plans.

Grades 3/4 (C1 and C2)


Players at the C level will be placed on either the C1 or C2 team.


The C1 team is comprised primarily of experienced, competitive players who play full games on a full field with only slightly modified rules. C1 teams play in the SEPYLA league.


C2 players are generally newer to lacrosse, play on a modified field with significantly modified rules. Round-robin playdates are scheduled with neighboring C2 teams on a weekly basis midway through the season.

usa lax helmet.jpg
usa lax helmet.jpg
Grades 5th - 8th


In Grades 5th - 8th, all teams play in the SEPYLA league. Travel teams play in SEPYLA with a possible tournament and/or add-on games.  


7/8th graders play at the A Level and 5/6th graders play at the B Level. A1 and B1 teams play the most competitive teams in SEPYLA; therefore, the boys trying out for these teams should be committed to playing lacrosse as their first spring sport.


A key component for A2/3 and B2/3 teams is equal playing time, although athletes who persistently miss practice without excuse may have their playing time affected.

Equipment: Stick, lacrosse helmet with NOCSAE approved safety seal, mouth guard, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, cleats.

Participation Policy: Our primary objective is to teach the game of lacrosse, teamwork, and good sportsmanship. Toward this end, recognizing the commitment that each individual (players, coaches, and parents) makes to the program is crucial to the long-term success of the program. A few important points to keep in mind when registering your child for the North Penn Lacrosse Club.

The entire program is supported by volunteers who give of their time unsparingly.
North Penn Lacrosse Club works hard to make the team evaluations as objective as possible. If there is a question about team assignments, parents are encouraged to contact the Athletic Director.

We look to our parents for additional volunteer support, not only with our organization and team help but also with positive reinforcement for their young athlete.

Each team’s roster is limited in order to maximize playing time for each child. In order to accommodate as many players as possible and to address the conflicts inherent in our children’s lives, North Penn Dragons have maintained three levels of teams in the 5/6th and 7/8th grades.  A1 and B1 teams play a highly competitive schedule and therefore require a greater commitment from their players.  With sufficient participation levels, there are one or two A2/3 and one or two B2/3 teams.  The A2/3 and B2/3 teams are prepared to accommodate players who have occasional conflicts (other sports, music lessons, church, scouts, and other outside activities).  Coaches will try to allocate playing time more evenly across all players on the A2/3 and B2/3 teams.

Out of respect for others (including your children, coaches and other parents), if you and/or your child are unable to make a complete 100% commitment to the North Penn Lacrosse Club, please do not encourage your child to occupy a spot on the A1 or B1 team. Players are required to list all activities that may pose conflicts with lacrosse at the time of registration.

If you are concerned about equal playing time for your child or wish to emphasize the development of fundamental skills, an A2/3 or a B2/3 team is the best choice for your son.

The final say in team selection will rest with the North Penn Lacrosse Club Coaches. North Penn Lacrosse Club reserves the right to make roster changes once the season commences if players have persistent unexcused absences from games or practices.

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